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On this page issues of publishing, local business concepts, and other ideas involving books, writing, and publishing are pondered over & shared by those associated with the press.

Publishing made real by Erin McInerney

Our Publishers’ Weekly Soap Box Column

Publishing & Rhythm

Why Publishing?

Contributor Copies, Small Presses, and Financial Reimbursement for Creative Writing

Publishing Tips: So You Want to Be Anthologized

How Varied Sentence Structure Can Spice Up Your Writing

Show, Don’t Tell– From The Intern

2014: A Literary Blur

How To Write A Great Query Letter: Jenni Moy

To Make A Book

Editing an Anthology: A Year in Review

New Blog Series: The Query Seal’s Den: Thoughts, Advice, and Help with Query Letters

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The meaning of Independent in Publishing and Bookselling

Social Media and Irritation: Don’t Cross the Fine Line

Greatness and Being A Genius: You Can Be Both

Being An Independent Book Publisher Is More Than Just Working With Words and Being Your Own Boss

Rejection: The Heart and Soul of All Things Writing

The Many Ways An Author Can Find Help and Succeed

I Am A Tweeter Now

How do publishers deal with and use social media and technology?

Ready Or Not Here Come The New Books

Too Busy To Write, or Do Anything: Thoughts On My Publisher Life

Writing The Truth Is Harder Than You Think

Breaking The Silence and Sharing Your Words With Others

The simple, yet all powerful phrase: Once Upon A Time

Do You Really Have A Good Idea For A Book?

I Might Become President:Doing Creative Work For People Is Good

Writing,Publishing,Creativity,and Thanksgiving

Exploring the Concept of Local Again: Why It Means Next To Nothing Most of the Time

Imagined Success, Real Success and Commitment To Your Own Business

Author Events: Let’s Not Lose Them

The Future of Publishing

Myths and Rumors About Book Cover Blurbs

Why You Should Not Fear the Rejection Letter

Dreams, Books, E-Books, Writing and Other Random Thoughts From My Publisher’s Life

A Query Letter? What Can and Should It Be? How to Contact a Publisher, and Other Thoughts on Query

Campaigns to Support Independent Stores and Buy Local Are Just Hooey and Applesauce These Days

The Paradox of the Book