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How would your group like to learn the secrets of publishing from an expert of more than 20 years in writing, business, and publishing? More about me

Don’t take my word for it. I believe whole heartedly in what I talk about. Check out these articles celebrating my 20th year in business.  Recent talks and panels at the North American Review Conference and the David Collins Writing Conference in the Quad Cities.

Steve Semken, Ice Cube Press

The world of writing seems to contain a host of mysteries. Have you looked through a writing magazine recently? There are more and more writing conferences, workshops, ways to get published, publishing services, not to mention more and more MFA programs. There are even Master’s in Publishing programs beginning to spring up. I know from my talks and lectures that authors are curious to learn how “publishing” works. Most authors want to hear about the life of being an author, crave feedback, and real-life advice.

I can and am willing to help with all of this. With Over Twenty Years of Publishing, Writing, Sales, and Entrepreneurship experience I can speak, or teach, at your writing club, writing conference, college, convention, or any gathering where writing, publishing, small business, or entrepreneurship is a topic. Topics vary and can include: query letters, writing styles, editing, agents, finding a publisher, self-publishing, e-books, social media, book design, business/entrepreneurship, readings, marketing, amazon, the value of place-based writing. I believe that I can help explain and enable authors at any level to better reach their hopes and dreams.

I am frequently told that I present a unique point of view with genuine concern for authors. I am a committed author and publisher who fully believes that I am really just helping authors’ dreams come true. I do not speak in industry jargon. I answer questions honestly, and fairly. I have a firm understanding of what the publishing industry entails and what it means to be an author and publisher. I understand that what you have written is a piece of who you are, your passion, and I take this seriously. What’s more, I make my living through the book business. Most authors (and frequently publishers) you meet and who offer advice do so while getting state teaching salaries, or pay checks from a company and so what they tell you has holes on the road to being a real “publisher.”

Some of my speaking experiences includes: frequent readings and moderating at Live from Prairie Lights Bookstore, as well as events at bookstores all around the Midwest. I have worked with Humanities Iowa as an event coordinator and host for their Voices From The Prairie Writers Celebrations (hosting and working with such authors as Ted Kooser, Bill McKibben, and Stephanie Mills), events in association with the Iowa Arts Council, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. I have taught and done keynote talks for the David Collins Midwest Writing Conference in the Quad Cities; discussed publishing during the University of Iowa Summer Writer’s Workshops; have been a speaker and panelist during the Writer’s Festival in Marion, Iowa; a PEN Women speaker; the Iowa Library Association; State Historical Society; the Iowa City Book Festival; Kansas Notable Book Festival; Iowa Environmental Council; Teaching Environmental and Experiential Education Conference (Chicago); Midwest Independent Booksellers Association (Twin Cities); Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association (Detroit); and the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Writing conference in Oklahoma City. I also hosted the Harvest Lectures series for over ten years with events all over the state of Iowa, from Keokuk to Council Bluffs.

Fees are negotiable. Please contact me directly for more information: [email protected]

Individual consultations are available upon request. (fee required)

As time allows I will be devising an online education video program.