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Age gives us much
For remembering.
I like to call it

Casual but never careless,
elevated but never lofty, wise
and often winning, these spare
poems lift like kites off the page
to stroll the upper atmosphere
of late life and its hard won
—David Hamilton

In little pieces that sound like
scraps from a diary Robert
Wachal explores the world with
childlike innocence, wide-eyed
interest, full of wonder and
lightness, evidently enjoying the
act of writing in itself.
—Hana Andronikova

This is a collection to be read
long before November.
—Paul Diehl

Upcoming Readings:
Prairie Lights Bookstore Iowa City June 23rd 7 pm
Wild Rose Bookstore, Univ of Iowa Hospital Bookstore, October 9, 11 am

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