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Train To Nowhere


As Seen On Iowa Public Television! This event was widely covered by national news media, major television news networks as well as The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Now find out what really happened!

Eleven undocumented immigrants are locked inside a baking railcar by smugglers and left to die a horrific death when no one comes to release them as promised. The railcar rolls on to the farming community of Denison, Iowa, where newspaper and television reporters descend after the bodies are discovered, all seeking the story behind the deaths. Train to  Nowhere—part crime story and part immigration perspective—is an intimate portrait of those connected to the 2002 railcar deaths of eleven Central Americans and Mexicans.

This piece of  investigative reporting provides the full story, focusing largely on one victim’s New York brother, a longtime immigration agent assigned to the subsequent criminal investigation, and a train conductor imprisoned for working with the smugglers. It breaks away from the standard immigration story in fully examining this wide range of viewpoints. Train to Nowhere is an amazing piece of investigative reporting that examines tough facets of the immigration problem the United States faces today—and in doing so, examines the very heart of human nature itself.

Colleen Bradford Krantz graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in journalism. After graduating, she reported for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s metro desk. She then worked as a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter, before eventually becoming a state desk reporter for The Des Moines Register. Now an independent journalist, Colleen has written and co-produced her first documentary, Train to Nowhere; Inside an Immigrant Death Investigation. This book, the starting point for the documentary, is her first. She lives near Adel, Iowa, with her husband and three children. For more information on Colleen go to

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