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River East, River West

Featuring writing by David Hamilton, John T. Price, Gary Holthaus, Lisa Knopp, Robert Wolf and “creekography” photography byEthan Hirsh. A collection full of the meanings, history, folklore, nature, and ideas of rivers and Iowa’s natural borders. Click here to see photos from the book.

This popular Ice Cube Press, Harvest Book continued this year with an exploration of Iowa’s natural borders—the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Native American author, Linda Hogan, has said, “Earth is a water planet,” this is entirely true. As a species we are bound to our place by a wide range of things that are constructed of water: humidity, rain and clouds. The flow and the movement of water inside our bodies, the freezing and thawing of water, the thrust of ice. All over our land as well as through and along the edges of our very state the presence of water in Iowa is felt. We are bordered culturally, naturally and historically by two of our nation’s most spectacularly rich rivers which definitely contributes to unique place-based stories. These natural borders enrich us our historical and cultural history and will be shared by some of our areas and countries most talented authors.