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When Foxes Wore Red Vests

Fevers, pneumonia, and alcohol soaked clothes? A few clues as to how and when Foxes wore red vests. For the full story check out the Sioux City Journal article.

The deep values of place learned during childhood can extend to living an enriched, responsible, creative, and authentic life in adulthood. The lessons in this collection demonstrate how sense-of-place can serve as a role-model for future generations, as well as helping us learn how we can best live in our communities and with the natural world around us. These concise, informative, and poetic writings by long-time environmental educator and artist, Dr. Bruce Hopkins, both inform and charm. This collection is an ideal companion to writing workshops, environmental course and library collections. A role-model for how to examine and live an authentic life of place.

Dr. Bruce Hopkins is an environmental educator, writer and historian. His career has included teaching in Nebraska, New York, and Iowa, and serving as chief administrator of an Iowa area education agency. Bruce’s life now centers on helping people of all ages connect with nature, a greater sense of community, and the literature of place. He has a deep appreciation for the arts. These commitments have nourished Bruce and his wife Jeanette as they write about their roots in the Catskills and Adirondacks of New York and the Sandhills of Nebraska, and as they work in schools and environmental conferences throughout the country. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Wayne State College, a master’s degree from Montana State University and a doctorate from Iowa State University.