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I Might Become President: Doing Creative Work For People Is Good

I Might Become President: Doing Creative Work For People Is Good

In this day and age of the internet the cutting-edge business community spouts off constantly about the value of what you can give away for free. There is much ado about something regarding podcasts and YouTube videos. There is a theory certainly that there is a need to tweet frequently each day. As well there are many many podcasts and websites devoted to the production of creativity, to the reaping what your sow principle. Good begets good and so on and so forth.

I have always been captivated by Richard Florida’s book The Rise of the Creative Class. I both like it’s content and like the meaning of the title. I am a fan of creativity and, in a natural progression to this idea, the role that the environment and the natural world play in creation. As a result I am quite fascinated as well by Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods which talks about the idea of their being a nature deficit disorder. I hear this and naturally think, this is a creativity loss. Frequently older people rail on and on about how they used to play outside all the time, then I ask, well, it is under your supervision that nature deficit disorder has developed, so obviously you didn’t like the outdoors that much. Conversely, creativity has been the butt of people for ages, lose your artistic hopes and dreams and make sure you get a real job. What the older folks don’t understand is that success is a result of creative thinking, by creative we mean problem-solving, figuring out a way to prosper despite the odds.The trick is discovering how this creation/environment model can be merged with the business of the creative person.

But there’s more: I have been known to say, more than a few hundred times that I believe the environmental crisis to be a crisis of our souls. So you can imagine the variety of things that come to my mind when I start thinking about creativity, soul, and nature.

Okay, I digress. Sometimes I think I may become President with thoughts about creativity, the creative person and creation. Why? I am a self-employed book publisher who deals with creative people, I am at heart a creative writer attempting to do “business.” However, the reason I may become President is because what I offer people is the chance to realize their dreams. What I role-model is that you can do what you hope to do. When I encourage people to write I do so by telling them to “ride” the creative spirit of writing first. I may be President because my advice to others is that you can be happy doing what you most want to do. How’s that for a platform? Do I have your vote?