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Holding My Hand Through Hell

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We are sad to report that Susan passed away October 28th, 2012. She was a strong woman though and inspired countless people during her life. I was on a radio show with her in early October and she knew that one valuable way to keep her legacy alive would be for all of us to purchase her book. To get it into libraries, schools, into the hands and minds of those involved with ending domestic crimes. I am more convinced than ever that her story will continue to save lives.

Link to Publishers’ Weekly review  (Nov. 2012)

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This poignant well-written book tells the story of a police officer’s family and one daughter’s quest for justice long after the heart-wrenching murder of her mother. Susan Murphy Milano embraces a legacy of unconditional love and faith to triumph over a life plagued with unspeakable abuse and pain.

Based on a true story, told with the flow of a novel, spiced with frank wisdom and wit, Holding My Hand Through Hell encourages the reader to immerse themselves into this family’s life and is an inspiration to become an advocate for change in this world we all share. This book will incite discussion, debate, and heightened awareness about hope, survival, abuse, murder, and its impact on our society. In the end, it will leave readers  both applauding this woman as well as wondering how she escaped, sometimes at the eleventh hour. Twenty years later, she has realized that God must have been holding her hand through hell, delivering her from the evils of her life in order to save others.

Includes a foreword by Diane Fanning, Edgar nominated award-winning, and New York Times best-selling, true crime author of many books, including Written In Blood

“Holding My Hand Through Hell is a harrowing true story of violence and survival. The specter of Susan Murphy Milano’s abusive father followed her into adulthood, and the mental anguish she experienced would have destroyed most of us, but she persevered. This is an inspirational story that should be read by everyone.” —Anthony Bruno, New York Times best-selling author, The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer and Seven