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Their Time of Learning

 Their Time of Learning is a teaching and captivating journey centered on great changes for the people of the Great Lakes. A young woman living in a small village apprentices to learn the Plant Medicines from a traditional herbalist. She learns much more though: she is also taught the Stories and Ceremonies of her people. When the people scatter she must find a different way to share these views of the world ways that might very well save the Earth.

“Through this novel, Ohasmin Judith Meister weaves the story of a young Indian woman with the traditional teachings of the Native Woodland People of the Great Lakes area. The author traces the life of Nika from her birth to an Indian mother and a Scottish father, through her training as a herbalist, medicine woman, wife and mother. As the white people pushed out the Indian people, Nika stands as a bridge between the two worlds. Her lessons teach us all how to use the native wisdom of the past to save the future of the planet. This book is a valuable resource for young people and their educators.”–Nan J. Giblin, Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Counselor Education, Northeastern Illinois University

“Osahmin draws upon her extraordinary gifts as writer and storyteller and her expertise in native heritage and history to weave a fascinating life story of a woman struggling to preserve her People’s knowledge and traditions during a time of change. A gift to future generations as well as a tribute to her teachers.”–Melinda Perrin, O Jigah J Indae, author, Winterberries