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Praise for Pond Ball

Early Praise for Pond Ball Clintock and the Gods of Golf

“Before video games, the imaginations of dreamers young and old operated without the electronic boundaries of batteries. There were tree houses, snow forts, stickball championships, and yes, backyard golf courses. Recapture your youth and your love for the game, with Pond Ball Clintock and the Gods of Golf.” —Michael Patrick Shiels, author, Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects and former PGA Tour staff member

“My golf library measures into the thousands of books, but Pond Ball Clintock is one of my favorites.”—MICHAEL J. HURDZAN, 1997 Golf Course Architect of the Year, author of Golf Course Architecture, winner of the Old Tom Morris Award

“A Field of Dreams for our sport…Pond Ball plays for all the right reasons!”—MIKE BAILEY, Senior Staff Writer,, a division of Golf Channel

“If you love to play golf or watch it…this book is a must…. It’s for everyone, since everything is in it…family, friendship, courtship…and the world of the spirit.” —ROBERT J. HIGGS, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of God in the Stadium

“No golfer will ever have quite the same view of the the game of golf after meeting Pond Ball Clintock. A whimsical and heartwarming tale of a young golfer surrounded by golf, friends, and family. It will touch readers of all ages. Pond Ball Clintock and the Gods of Golf ranks with some of the best golf and sports spiritual novels I have seen. It is truly an enjoyable read.”—Stuart Shiffman,

“A charming and heart-tugging life and golf story. Pond Ball Clintock offers readers many lively characters and mixes warmth, intrigue, and family complexities. A book that can be appreciated by young and old alike.”—Wayne Morden, author, Golf Shorts and Plus Fours: Musings from a Golfing Traditionalist