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Around the World in Eighty Movies

Robin Holabird
$22.95, paper, 296p
Isbn 9781948509107

A rollicking romp around the world!

“Accompany Robin Holabird on a grand tour to some of the most fascinating film locations on the planet. Her intimate, insider’s knowledge makes Around the World in 80 Movies an amazing resource for the film buff and traveler.” —Helen Mirren, Academy Award-winning screen actress

“Robin Holabird is a delight, and her work reflects that.” —Elliott Gould, Academy Award-nominated screen actor

In a highly imaginative blend of film locations, memories, and colorful travel essays, Robin Holabird offers an extensive and entertaining exploration of film locations far and wide, close to home, and everywhere in between. She explores heights at a summit of Machu Picchu and King Kong’s adventures at the top of the Empire State Building. She examines film noir sites in San Francisco, romance in Paris, art in the Nevada desert for Burning Man, and Provence in the South of France. She takes her readers on epic journeys to Jordan, Scotland, and Egypt, among other exotic places, all the while providing insights and witty travel advice.

Around the World in 80 Movies is the work of a film location mastermind and engaging travel companion who will delight and enlighten readers with her clever and piquant mixture of film lore and travel experiences.

Robin Holabird is also the author of Elvis, Marilyn, and the Space Aliens: Icons on Screen in Nevada.Robin reviews movies for KUNR. A former radio news reporter, Robin appreciates that the KUNR format explores stories in depth. Robin’s reviews have aired on KUNR for more than 40 years making one of the nation’s longest lasting radio columnist. During that time, she has had a high profile in the Nevada film community. She worked as a Nevada Film Commissioner for more than 20 years, helping producers use state locations and resources for such projects as “Love Ranch,” “C.S.I.,” “Sister Act,” and hundreds more. She is a founder and first president of the Reno Film Festival and active in other cultural groups like Sierra Arts. When not hanging out in darkened movie theaters, Robin is an outdoor enthusiast who has run the Boston Marathon six times. Follow Robin and her travels on facebook instagram youtube

She lives in Reno, Nevada, with her husband.