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Tallgrass Conversations

$24.95, beautiful, full color, hardcover | 144pgs | Isbn 9781948509060

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Tallgrass Conversations: In Search of the Prairie Spirit co-authors: Cindy Crosby & Thomas Dean.

Poetic, beautiful, meditative, and informative. Through short writings and photographs, Cindy Crosby and Thomas Dean enter a conversation to inspire new understandings of the Midwestern tallgrass prairie with word and image. Tallgrass Conversations encourages looking and listening to the prairie through the heart and mind as well as eyes, ears, and other senses, advancing both conservation and creative efforts on behalf of the tallgrass prairie. A superb look at how to best learn to live with the tallgrass prairie, or anywhere you call home.

CINDY CROSBY is the author, contributor to, or compiler of more than twenty books including The Tallgrass Prairie: An Introduction (Northwestern University Press). She is a prairie steward on two different sites, and speaks and teaches in the Chicago region. Find out all about Cindy, including upcoming events and talk on her website:

THOMAS DEAN is Senior Presidential Writer/Editor at the University of Iowa, where he also teaches interdisciplinary courses. He has published essays in regional and national journals, magazines, and books, including his book of personal essays, Under a Midland Sky.