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The Last Caucus in Iowa

Jim O’Loughlin | $19.99 | Paperback | 172p | 9781948509206 | Political Science | Elections | Iowa | Release 10/1/2020 | PRE-ORDER now for a signed copy!

In The Last Caucus in Iowa, Jim O’Loughlin does for the Iowa Caucus what Anthony Bourdain did for restaurants. For over a year, O’Loughlin aimed to see as many presidential candidates as possible as they made their way through Iowa. His quest took him to meeting halls, living rooms, and more than a few craft brew pubs, and the result is a celebration of the state of Iowa and a cautionary tale about the Iowa Caucus. Chronicling a process that is alternatingly quirky, messy and inspiring, The Last Caucus in Iowa is a book for anyone interested in presidential politics and how it all begins.

Jim O’Loughlin is the author of the flash fiction collection Dean Dean Dean Dean (Twelve Winters Press) and editor of Kurt Vonnegut Remembered (University of Alabama Press). He founded and hosts the Final Thursday Reading Series, which is celebrating its 20th season.