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The Way of Nile C. Kinnick, Jr.

The Way of Nile C. Kinnick, Jr.: Insights, Images, and Stories of Iowa’s 1939 Heisman Trophy Winner

Isbn 9781948509015 | $19.99 | 192p

This book is a perfect companion to any Hawkeye Fan’s library or memorabilia collection. Truly a must-have for all Iowa fans, Midwest history buffs, or any college football fan.

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Remarkable endorsements for The Way of Nile C. Kinnick, Jr.

“Hawkeye football has had so many remarkable heroes including Nile Kinnick. Mark Wilson’s The Way of Nile C. Kinnick, Jr. is full of what I always aimed for as coach of the Hawkeyes.”—Hayden Fry, University of Iowa head football coach, 1979-1998

“The very word Kinnick, the thought of the stadium, and the legacy Nile left behind can never fully be appreciated, but this book comes as close as any I’ve read.”—Willard L. “Sandy” Boyd, University of Iowa Rawlings-Miller Professor of Law and UI President Emeritus

“Hawkeye football is full of legacies and Nile Kinnick was one of the best. The Way of Nile C. Kinnick, Jr. is a great reminder of where we’ve come from and where we are going.”
—Kirk Ferentz, University of Iowa head football coach

“I always aimed for excellence during my time with Iowa Athletics as did Nile Kinnick. This book is a perfect reminder of why both Iowans and The University of Iowa continue to excel.”
—Christine Grant, University of Iowa Department of Women’s Athletic Director, 1973-2000

“One of the most rewarding moments of my career was the naming of Kinnick Stadium. Knowing we would keep his name alive forever meant so much to so many. The Way of Nile C. Kinnick, Jr. explores a most remarkable man from the past to the present and even our Hawkeye future.”
—C. W. “Bump” Elliott, University of Iowa Athletic Director, 1970-1991

“Wasn’t a surprise at all that Nile Kinnick chose to ditch his Grumman Wildcat fighter plane in the ocean rather than risk crash landing on the deck of the carrier Lexington and perhaps claim many of his shipmates lives. Nile was a week away from heading to Pearl Harbor and many a dog fight with Japanese Zero’s. Fate spoke otherwise. Third or fourth down, football or real life, shipmates or teammates Nile Kinnick charged ahead on our behalf. A great Hawk, Hero, and American.”
—Gary Dolphin, Voice of the Hawkeyes, Hawkeye Radio Network

“As a young farm boy growing up in Iowa Nile Kinnick was one of my motivations. I never tired of playing in Kinnick Stadium and still enjoy announcing there. This book really proves why Nile was an inspiration to me and so many others. Go Hawks!”
—Ed Podolak, former University of Iowa & NFL football player; announcer Hawkeye Radio Network

“When you think Iowa Hawkeye football, you think Nile Kinnick. A man of character, a person of valor, an athlete of exceptional talent. Nile remains an unmatched standard of excellence in the program’s storied history. Thanks to Mark Wilson for capturing the person and his accomplishments so vividly and eloquently.”
Chuck Long, CEO/Executive Director, Iowa Sports Foundation; former University of Iowa & NFL football player

The Way of Nile C. Kinnick Jr: great book on Nile by Mark Wilson some of the best photos and history of
—John Arcand, The Big Ten Treasure Hunter

“Mark Wilson’s, The Way of Nile C. Kinnick, Jr., is a one-of-a-kind read! Well researched, inspiring, and wonderfully readable.”
—Colonel Robert Stein, USAF – Retired; author; & member of the Hawkeye Athletics Hall of Fame

—Also included: an Epilogue by long-time US House of Representative Jim Leach

A true student-athlete and authentic Midwestern Hero!

A combination of simplicity and courage, honor and compassion, coordination and generosity. 2018 marks the hundredth anniversary of one of Iowa’s most notable native sons. Inspirational in so many ways. This collection is a reminder that playing hard and thinking deep never go out of style.

Author Mark Wilson says it best: “In our lifetimes, many of us have had or still have an individual we look up to; someone who inspires us, challenges us, helps us face adversities, or helps us form a positive outlook on life. Nile Clarke Kinnick, Jr. is that person for me. Kinnick’s way of thinking inspired me to write this book, The Way of Nile, a compilation of 366 memorable quotes from his letters, journals, and speeches. I was also driven to share my connections to this fascinating and admirable young man through my own personal stories.

“The University of Iowa’s only Heisman Trophy winner (thus far), an Ironman of Ironmen during the 1939 football season. Nile Kinnick, a Phi Beta Kappa scholar, was elected president of his senior class for the College of Liberal Arts. For an individual who died so young during WW II, he had an innate ability to formulate significant thoughts about events from 1936 to 1943. Nile set goals for himself, was disciplined, and dedicated in everything he attempted. In my research, his correspondence revealed perceptions about education, athletics, war, race, and poverty. Numerous other noteworthy topics were written which still reflect issues and controversies in this current day and age. Kinnick’s quotes are derived from his years as an undergraduate student-athlete, a graduate student in law school, and an ensign serving his country in the US Navy Air Corps Reserve.”

All author proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the six Nile Kinnick Scholarships at The University of Iowa.