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The History of Orthodontics Through Time & Space

Craig Campbell & Priscilla Steele | 9781948509329 | Full Color | 64 pages | Children’s Fiction | Humor (for all ages) | Illustration & Art | Gatefold Paperback | $20 |

Long time Midwest artists Craig Campbell and Priscilla Steele give us a unique, entertaining, colorful, and fascinating take on a seemingly everyday topic—devising a fully transformed adventure full of magic and charm. There are stories all around us and this one moves from the heart of creativity, travels in and out of history, finally reaching the depths of outer space. A surreal way to look at the world—a joyful mixture of fact and fiction. This twist on the world of orthodontics orbits history and humor. Witty words and beautiful art even take the reader “behind the scenes” showing how the work was done. A book sure to turn any face into a wide eyed and (sometimes crooked and sometimes straight) tooth filled smile. As Isabel Allende once wrote: “What is truer than
truth? Answer: the story.”

Craig Campbell & Priscilla Steele, co-owners of Campbell Steele Gallery since 1991, have been designing theatrical scenery and fine furniture together for well over forty-five years. In addition, Craig was a writer and host of “Liars Holographic Radio Theatre”, a popular variety show presented live and on radio and  television during the final years of the previous century and the early years of our new century. Priscilla has been a working artist, primarily in printmaking and  drawing, focusing on botanical subjects and the human form, for nearly fifty years. Her work may be found in many local and regional collections, both private and institutional, as well as at her website: