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The Shadows Could Not Reach Her

The Shadows Could Not Reach Her | Kristin Lansing-Stoeffler | ISBN 9781948509541 | $20 | 84p | Color | Art | Smart Thinking | Painting | Order Early for a Signed Copy | Release June 1, 2024 |

Release at Prairie Lights June 13th

The Shadows Could Not Reach Her explores the personal process of making meaning from art and text. The artist shares their art and the accompanying essays and poems that further illuminate the journey of the work and the artist over years of paintings and writings. Paintings, essays, and poems are presented in random order, disconnected from each other, to allow the reader to make their own meaning, impressions, and connections.

The Shadows Could Not Reach Her is Kristin’s first book. A study of meaning-making in the form of essays, poems, and paintings. Kristin received her BA in Art from the University of Iowa along with degrees in Psychology and Journalism & Mass Communication. A lifelong artist, Kristin’s was born and raised in Iowa and grew up visiting farms in Northeast Iowa, where her family hails from.  It was this place, and these people, that inspired her to paint landscapes. “I knew what a traditional landscape should look like, but I hoped that I could paint something that would relay how I felt when I was a part of these landscapes—standing at the crest of the hill, pieces shaded by the giant hay bales, humbled by the massive clouds overhead and great expansiveness of scenery around me. I realized that these landscapes would be different, that these vistas were more powerful than passive, saturated with color, and awe-inspiring in their scale.”

Kristin’s art is currently represented by Gilded Pear gallery and her piece Infragilis was recently selected for the Land/Scape: Climate, the Environment, and Beyond juried exhibition at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Kristin’s work can be found in many private and corporate collections and has been included in solo and joint art shows with galleries including The Corner House Gallery and Gilded Pear Gallery. A seasoned learning scientist, she is also currently working on her PhD with the University of Amsterdam with a focus on the definition and measurement of Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Collaborative Problem Solving. Her work: “The Space is Between,” has been selected for inclusion in the US State Department, Art in Embassies Program, exhibition in Laos.

Insatiably curious, meaning-seeking, life enthusiast. Kristin Lansing earned her BA in Art from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, Iowa, the forever home of her creative roots. Find out more at