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Prairie Gold Accepted Submissions

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Please find below the list of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry that will appear in Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the American Heartland.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


  1. Logan Adams “When the Trees Came”
  2. Rachel Lopez “Carlie’s Ride”
  3. Michelle Donahue “Growing Corn”
  4. Molly Rideout “The Great River Road”
  5. Jason Lee Brown, “The Original Redskin”
  6. Sheila Thorne, “Tracks”
  7. Jim O’Loughlin, “Something Other Than Garbage”
  8. Barbara Harroun, “Trapeze”
  9. T.C. Jones, “Across Ohio”
  10. Matthew Fogarty, “In the Milo”
  11. Leni Yost, “The Weaving”
  12. Stephanie A. Marcellus, “Heartland”

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  1. Zachary Hawkins “Field Stones”
  2. Meghan Brown “Dakota Good Enough”
  3. Stefanie Trout “Achilles”
  4. Sarah Turner “Cold Feet”
  5. Catherine Lanser, “Maintenance”
  6. John Linstrom, “Fuckaroo!”
  7. Paula Sergi, “Small Town News” & “Lunar Eclipse”
  8. D. Gilson, “A Need To Know Basis”
  9. Benjamin Vogt, “Mnistoa”
  10. Marc Nieson, “Lost and Found”
  11. Will Jennings, “Learning Shift”
  12. Andy Harper “Watching the Sky”



  1. Melissa Sevigny “Trillium” & “Garage Sale in Iowa”
  2. Sean Evans “Man Kneeling at a Rock”
  3. Claire Krüesel “Des Moines lobe” “I know where you are” “Adventitious Roots”
  4. Janis Rodgers “Heirloom” “Ode to a Walnut Tree” “Heartland”
  5. Lindsay Tigue “At Joe and Lonna’s Farm” “The Center of the Earth is a Little Off-Kilter” “How to Disappear in Michigan” “Huron”
  6. Tony Quick “Midwestern Monsoon”
  7. Andrew Payton “Layovers” “Preparations” “If the Creek Finally Runs” “The Unplanted Field”
  8. Xavier Cavazos “Boll Weevil” “Collected genus species for Dr. Louis Pammel from George Washington Carver, Carver’s mentor & professor” “1895 Bomb Yearbook” “Carver Dreaming 1898”
  9. Jennifer Fandel “Ode to Farm & Fleet”
  10. Anna Morrison “New Palestine, Indiana” “Effects” “March”
  11. Khadija Anderson “Geography”
  12. Jeff Tigchelaar “Animals Were Looking at Me”
  13. Toni Easterson “Hoakie” “Nebraska Biome”
  14. Heather D. Frankland “Hoarder”
  15. Russell Jaffe “FF>>”
  16. Ryan Collins “Rock Island”
  17. Stephanie Schultz “Three Pastorals” “Bucolic” “A Sunset”
  18. Issa Lewis “Eschelbach Farm House”
  19. Carol V. Davis “Predicting Weather”
  20. Jason Nicholas Vasser “Like your parents”
  21. Susan Grimm “Swimming out of Season (And, Behold)” “November or Even If You Wear a Watch” “Bumper Crop” “Cave of Light” “Echt”
  22. Su Hwang “Middle March” “Home Sweet Home” “Home, Iowa”
  23. Christopher Citro “One Kitchen One Afternoon” “Whatchamacallit”
  24. April J. Larson “Translation”
  25. Kristin Stoner “Cutbank” “Severe Weather” “The Deserter”
  26. Jeremiah Driver “Kwansaba For a Deer That I Helped My Uncle Butcher”
  27. Sandra Marchetti “Pollen” “god-stem”
  28. Carly Sachs “Messages” “Berry Bender” “Real Butter”
  29. Trevor Ketner “To the right you’ll see” “A Wood in Nebraska” “Missing, Nearly”
  30. Martin Ott “Bodies of Water”
  31. Katherine Ann Davis “Japanese Maple in Indiana” “Samantha’s Wedding: Spring 2006”
  32. Joe Betz “Orchard”
  33. Michelle Menting “Stuck in the Middle West You” “Bildungsroman”
  34. Kenneth Pobo “Villa Park, Illinois” “Blue Glass and Awnings”
  35. Elizabeth Schultz “Toward Winter” “Lightning Bugs”
  36. Sal Marici “The Merge: Chicago Near North Side 1920’s and 30’s” “The Height and Fall of Little Sicily” “Home Turf in the Midwest”
  37. Morgan Harlow “The Smallest of the Great Lakes”
  38. Esteban Colon “Michigan pt. 1” “Michigan pt. 2”
  39. Fred MacVaugh “A Father’s Lament”
  40. Nathaniel Hansen “Northwest Minnesota in January”
  41. Laura Apol “Horoscope”
  42. Nancy Cook “Reorienting”
  43. Lou Amyx “Ox and Lamb”
  44. Dometa Brothers  “Love on the Plains” “More” “White”


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