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Excellent Joy

Excellent Joy was a Silver Finalist Award Winner in Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year Award

A summer hit with a foreword by Frederick Kirschenmann

“Michael R. Rosmann proves to be a unique breed of American …”–Foreword Reviews (July, 2011)

Praised by the New York Times and President Bill Clinton, Michael Rosmann has appeared on CNN, National Geographic programs, and NPR. In this intimate collection he shares his experiences with fishing, farming, hunting, and psychology. Part lessons from the field and part wisdom from the vantage point of a psychologist, parent, and outdoors-man—-Excellent Joy is a celebration of life through observations of important and subtle nuances about agriculture and its related endeavors: fishing and hunting. It also explains the psychology of why people engage in these aspirations and recreations.

Nicely stored in our basic genetic material is information that has survival value for the human species: attractions to fishing, farming, hunting, and managing these basic urges most productively.  After all, those who lacked these adaptations succumbed in the competition for life. This book honors endeavors that yield food, clothing, and shelter, as well as the excellent joy of these pursuits,  through the unique insights of a farmer/psychologist who has devoted his life to improving the understanding of the behavior of farm people. The author indulges readers with ample humor and  wonderful exuberance in his explanations and stories.

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