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The Feel Good Heat

In a world needing changes, and facing limited natural resources we will require new answers to our energy needs. Iowa, with its agricultural capacity harbors a reserve of potential fuel much like the oil fields once did in Saudi Arabia.

In this wonderfully educational book you’ll discover “pioneers” who have already begun to utilize new energy sources in biomass and discover what the future of this energy source will entail. Discover what has been started by shade-tree mechanics and what is now being developing at a whole new level all around the country and utilized by common people, now! Biomass energy provides a clean, regional source of heat and power, renewable in as little as 90 days, and in many cases created from waste. With developments in efficient agriculture and bioprocessing plants, the net energy ratio of corn, beans, stover, and other diverse forms of cellulosic biomass make plants a valid choice for heating and powering our buildings and modern lifestyles.

This project is inspired by the words of George Washington Carver, “We can learn to synthesize every human need from the plants that grow.” Truthfully, this book is not about corn, or ethanol; it’s about technology, science, practicality and the need to explore our place and regional options just as early settlers to this land once did. As an emphasis is put in to place in Iowa, as it already has been at Iowa State University, this technology will be growing and the first step in all new technology is education; this book starts this.