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The Ladybug Waltz

Capture the magic of a ladybugs’ ball … crimson colored gowns, antennae tiaras … and all of the starlight your child can imagine. A full-colored children’s book with lessons to be learned not only from the natural world, but through music, patterns, and artwork. A charming story told in the form of a waltz by a longtime teacher and educator with captivating artwork by an elementary art school teacher. This book allows music, art, and writing to connect with young, curious readers.

Jeanette says of her book, “The rhythm in the book assists in reading development. I’d really like to see experience of rhythm back in the classroom…I read in classrooms and try to select books that immediately engage the children and allow them to be part of the experience … it’s very transactional.” Teachers love it.

Author: A semi-retired educator in elementary and college settings, Jeanette Hopkins has developed a keen appreciation for the delight young readers have for rhythm and rhyme. As a participant in several of the Iowa Writing Project Institutes, she learned the value of response. Jeanette and her husband are environmental writers, enjoy “day tripping” throughout the states, and live in Sioux City, Iowa. The National Writing Project, which aims to improve student achievement by improving the teaching of writing and improving learning in the nation’s schools encourages the use of books exactly like The Ladybug Waltz.

Artist: Heidi Rittenhouse-Goeken an art teacher in the Iowa City, Iowa, Community Schools.

Ask about the companion CD featuring Jane Bunnell of the Metropolitan Opera singing The Ladybug Waltz