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Words of a Prairie Alchemist

Former Kansas Poet Laureate, Denise Low writes: “the Great Plains of the North American continent have dramatic seasons, intense colors, otherworldly thunderstorms, and epic winters.” Denise Low has emerged as one of the most trusted writers of this region. With a balance of drama and finesse, she describes the juncture between the natural world and the human realm of literature.

Terry Tempest Williams writes of Denise Low—“There is a beautiful solitude in Denise’s writing. I think we’re all blessed by what she sees and what she hears in this beautiful Kansas landscape.” Readers will dip into Words of a Prairie Alchemist for moments of solitude and self awareness. This collection of writing gives readers access to twenty years of teachings by this prairielands writer and poet.

Praise for Words Of A Prairie Alchemist: The Art of Prairie Language—