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Sneezing Coyotes

Sneezing Coyotes | Salvatore Marici | $19.99 | 9781948509312 | Poetry | Travel |

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An earthly and surreal collection of poetry ranging from science, rats and pigs, confessions to romance. Lust, travel, and ecology. The imagery in Marici’s Sneezing Coyotes combines the faraway with the close at home. Links us to the busy streets of Hanoi, the killing fields of Cambodia, collapsing barns in the Midwest as well as the life of Latin American Campesinos. Tuna casseroles become the catalyst for discovery.

“You’ll want to read and reread these poems for the many ways they make “emptiness a welcome place.” – Rebecca Wee, Uncertain Grace

“We meet his cultivated soil with calloused feet, let it dirty our sheets, and sift it with black pepper to keep coyotes away.—Beth Roberts, Like You

“These poems give us again familiar Marici loveliness: ‘birds, flowers align.’”—Stephen Frech, Into Night’s Tent

“Sneezing Coyotes belongs in any serious poetry collection.” —Glenn Lyvers; Masthead, Prolific Press

“This is Marici’s best collection yet—utterly unforgettable.” —Misty Urban, My Day As Regan Forrester

“Marici’s newest collection of poems radiate with a full range of senses and emotions.”—Kali White VanBaale, The Monsters We Make

“Poems that have the capacity to make you smile with recognition or alternately to weep from the longing, loss,”—Carolyn Martin, WVIK
“Marici’s boundless curiosity coupled with his unique interpretative process to deliver a new collection of lyric gems.”—John Busbee, Culture Buzz

This is Salvatore Marici ‘s fourth book of poetry. He was the 2010 Midwest Writing Center Poet-in-Resident, has judged poetry contests, placed in poetry contests, teaches both workshops, and attends poetry workshops. His poetry has appeared in Toasted Cheese, Spillway, Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the  American Heartland, Of Burgers & Barrooms a Main Street Rag anthology, Poetry Quarterly, and many more. Marici served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala as a natural resources specialist and he is a civil servant retiree/agronomist. In South West Florida he is learning to maneuver a 17-foot kayak. During the summer he grows garlic in Western Illinois.

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