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Bach and the Blues

Bach & The Blues: Pablo Casals & Robert Johnson | Gary Kelley | 9781948509343 |  $19.99 | Graphic Novel | 64p | Paperback

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Excellent youtube on the making of and inspiration for Bach and the Blues

Author and illustrator Gary Kelley explains it this way, “If I had not heard this as a very brief story on National Public Radio, I may never have discovered its  incredible depth.” Cellomaster Pablo Casals and ‘King of the Delta Blues’ Robert Johnson recorded iconic albums the very same week in history. Late November 1936. In Spain, Pablo was dealing with an erupting World War II. While in America’s ‘Jim Crow’ South, Robert was dealing with racism and the ‘Great  Depression.’ For both, their music was their motivation. Pablo recorded Bach’s Classic Suites at Abbey Road Studios in London, while Robert recorded his ‘classic’ Blues album in a hotel room in San Antonio, Texas. And their lives would go on … in different directions.

“Gary Kelley is quite simply a master of combining words and sequential images on beautifully designed pages. He has stepped into the world of the graphic novel as if born to it. Maybe he was. It certainly looks like he was. As someone who’s blundered along for thirty-something years trying to figure out how to do this kind of thing I am both jealous as hell and amazingly inspired.” —Mike Mignola, Creator of Hellboy