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Do Lizards Have Lips?

Do Lizards Have Lips? And Other Tall Tales from Toronto, Kansas! | Iris Craver | $19.95 | 140p | Isbn 9781948509428 | Coming July 1, 2023, in time for Toronto Days! | Order early for a Signed Copy

Based loosely, or tightly (who knows for sure) on some real truths about life in and around the small town of Toronto, Kansas. These Lizard Lips stories will leave you smacking your own lips and wanting more–sweet romances and spicy adventures. You will learn about the importance of chocolate and what to do with old cans of Spam. There are local recipes for serving up a good time and Rumpledethumps. Why there’s even a remedy for using cow dung mixed with molasses for curing headaches! You might discover where to find lunch for $1, the tallest stack of pancakes, and dinner-plate-sized cinnamon rolls. And, of course, a whole menu of characters likely to show up on a Sunday afternoon at the Lizard Lips Gas Station Deli and Bait shop in Toronto, Kansas. Pick up a copy of this book and head on over to your nearest lake and discover some tall tales.

“In a casual, down-home, winking voice, Iris Craver spins her tall tales in Do Lizards Have Lips? Toronto, Kansas, a real place, is made more genuine and true for the tales told here, stories of character and characters, of missed chances, and odd romances. Craver preserves place and people by presenting fictions.”—Thomas Fox Averill, Professor Emeritus, Washburn University, author, Found Documents from the Life of Nell Johnson Doerr

“Pack your bags and head to tiny Toronto (Kansas) in this rambunctious romp that mixes fact and fiction and a sense of old-time Kansas in the 21st century! Nonsense and common sense combine (or maybe collide?) Do Lizards Have Lips? offers up a thoroughly enjoyable read. Iris Craver’s true and maybe-not-so-true characters will stay in your imagination long after you put this book down.”—Priscilla Howe, storyteller, author, Clever, Kind, Tricky and Sly

“Iris Craver’s fascinating collection of local folktales brings together vivid vignettes, tender humor, and lively portraits of small-town life with plenty of memorable and quirky characters. All circling around Toronto, Kansas, these tales will delight, surprise, and move readers while making visible the magic and promise of a place somewhat off the map. These stories, which make the mythical visible and sometimes whimsical, is also an homage to the enduring power of making art, making friends, and making community.”—Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, author, The Sky Begins At Your Feet

Iris Craver grew up in a family of storytellers. As she says, “Well, some people would call us liars. The bigger the exaggeration, the better!”