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Harry and Sue

Harry and Sue: A Story of Love and Ghosts | Written By Larry Baker Told By Harry Mason | $21.95 | Trade paper | 280p | 9781948509411 | Release June 28, 2023

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Harry Chapin, Mark Twain, Patsy Cline, Will Rogers, Harry Houdini, Ella Fitzgerald, Karen Carpenter, and Harry Ducharme  Plus a Supporting Cast of a Thousand Other Ghosts.

Early Praise:  “Larry Baker’s HARRY AND SUE is brilliant in many ways, but the first appearance of Marilyn Monroe’s ghost is surely the most dazzling entrance of any character in recent American fiction. Monroe as Tinker Bell, as magician, and eventually as a comic matchmaker is worth the price of admission all by itself.”–Patty Friedmann, author, Secondhand Smoke

“My name is Harry Mason, and I drive a taxi. This is a story about when I kissed Marilyn Monroe, sang songs with Harry Chapin and Patsy Cline, did rope tricks with Will Rogers, and watched Harry Houdini die. But they aren’t the important story. No, that’s about Sue, how I lost her, how I got her back. This is a love story. But I should warn you . . . it’s also a ghost story.”

Taxi driver Harry Mason is obsessed with the loss of his girlfriend, who left him for Hollywood and never came back. One rainy night he finds himself inside a boarded-up movie theatre, where he meets a cast of ghosts. From Houdini and Mark Twain to Will Rogers and Marilyn Monroe, Harry finds himself in a world where magical realism meets memories.


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