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Harry and Sue

Harry and Sue: A Story of Love and Ghosts | Written By Larry Baker Told By Harry Mason | $21.95 | Trade paper | 280p | 9781948509411 | Available Now

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Harry Chapin, Mark Twain, Patsy Cline, Will Rogers, Harry Houdini, Ella Fitzgerald, Karen Carpenter, and Harry Ducharme  Plus a Supporting Cast of a Thousand Other Ghosts.

“My name is Harry Mason, and I drive a taxi. This is a story about when I kissed Marilyn Monroe, sang songs with Harry Chapin and Patsy Cline, did rope tricks with Will Rogers, and watched Harry Houdini die. But they aren’t the important story. No, that’s about Sue, how I lost her, how I got her back. This is a love story. But I should warn you . . . it’s also a ghost story.”

Taxi driver Harry Mason is obsessed with the loss of his girlfriend, who left him for Hollywood and never came back. One rainy night he finds himself inside a boarded-up movie theatre, where he meets a cast of ghosts. From Houdini and Mark Twain to Will Rogers and Marilyn Monroe, Harry finds himself in a world where magical realism meets memories.

“Brilliant in many ways, but the first appearance of Marilyn Monroe’s ghost is surely the most dazzling entrance of any character in recent American fiction. Monroe as Tinker Bell, as magician, and eventually as a comic matchmaker is worth the price of admission all by itself.”–Patty Friedmann, author Secondhand Smoke

“A love story with ghosts, exploring mortality with wisdom, humility, and persuasive optimism.”—Jincy Willett, author Winner of the National Book Award

“An amazing trip through time and imagination! An immersive journey through an alternative reality that will have you seeing ghosts! The connection to Harry Chapin’s epic hit story song Taxi  is just the beginning. A very worthwhile addition to your personal library. And when you do buy it, tell the cashier, ‘Keep the change.’”—Len Schwartz, Internet Host of CHAPINCHAT LIVE!!!, Actor and Producer

“… a clever, touching, and highly original story. I hope it gets to everyone who reads!”
—Nancy Thayer, NYT best-selling author of All the Days of Summer

“A luminous tribute to love, art, fateful choices, and the indestructibility of the human heart. Its heartbreakingly real lovers, backlit by the silver screen, front a supporting cast of ghosts right out of vaudeville and old Hollywood—a trick roper, a raconteur, an escape artist, a folk singer, and the starriest of movie stars—but they all take a back seat to the unforgettable Harry and Sue. You’ll want to ride with Harry in his taxi, wrapped secure in the knowledge that lovely Sue is flying right beside you.”
—Mary Anna Evans, author of The Traitor Beside Her

“Most ghost stories are scary campfire tales that make you huddle close and fear the night. In Larry Baker’s seventh novel, HARRY AND SUE, the ghosts exude tremendous personality and charisma and endless charm — but then of course they would. They are all dead celebrities returning to an old theater in downtown Oklahoma City where they proceed to bamboozle each other to the great delight of the narrator Harry, a man down on his luck and needing a friend in the worst way, even if she is a ghost. No scary campfire tale this, but an exuberant immersion into Americana from ages past, a bonfire of delight with Baker’s own unique twist at the end. Enjoy.”
—Mike Lankford, author of Becoming Leonardo

“A nostalgic tale of love gained, love lost, and, ultimately, love re-found, HARRY AND SUE offers readers a true everyman in Harry Mason – who, with the influence of several iconic celebrity “ghosts,” can properly take stock of his actions and ensure the narrative of his life culminates in a true legacy. Whether standing up to Harry Houdini, seeking emotional solace from Marilyn Monroe, or discussing the nuances of human nature with Harry Chapin, protagonist Harry is equal parts vulnerable and humanly relatable. Larry Baker’s new book makes for a truly unique ride; climb on in with Harry M. at the wheel … and don’t worry about the fare.”
—Ira Kantor, author of Hello, Honey, It’s Me: The Story of Harry Chapin